These Fat-Tired Scooters Were Built to Climb Mountains and Storm Beaches

Laugh all you want, this looks fun as hell

July 6, 2017 9:00 am

Picture yourself on a beautiful motorcycle, coasting through the countryside. What kind of bike are you on?

For us, it’s a ’60s Bonneville Triumph with an extra helmet in tow — just in case any lovely onlooker needs a ride.

But we’re willing to risk our reputation for one of these numbers right here.

The Phatty scooter is an all-electric ride that riders can stand or sit on without breaking a sweat. Available in two models — the Phatty Original or the slightly smaller Phatty Sport — the electric two-wheeler packs a 1,200W motor with 70 lb.-ft. Of torque and a top speed of 20 mph.

Phat (4 images)

That’s not going to blow any doors off, but it’ll get you down the beach and back in no time.

With hydraulic disk brakes and a LED light, it’s got three drive modes — Beach, Golf and Bike — for the respective adventures. They can take on hills with up to a 30-percent grade, and Phatty’s 72 V/12 Ah Lithium battery is good for 4-6 hours of use after a charge on a 110W wall outlet.

The best part? The Phatty will run you just a sliver under $2,000. Even better? There’s an optional surfboard rack.

This might not be the foghorn for calling in the babe squad, but it’s a nice little summer cruiser.

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