Petrology Deals One Thing and One Thing Only: The Classics

It's not every day you see a perfectly intact '75 Monte Carlo

May 15, 2017 9:00 am

It’s not every day you see an intact 1975 Monte Carlo. That’s right, intact, as in never been restored.

That’s among the offerings from just launched road-faring lifestyle company Petrology, who sell vintage and iconic cars to discerning collectors. Their debut and credo have certainly garnered our attention:

Here’s to a life well driven. A life where we just don’t get from point A to point B, we get there in style and grace and turn a few heads along the way. The open road is for everyone, but we believe in cars that open the road to us. That, fills us with one-of-a-kind experiences, in cars we can drive to the end of the world without caring for a destination, because living behind the wheel is our destination.”


But also because they’re putting their machines where their mouth is.

Case in point, their ‘89 Land Rover Santana Defender and the aforementioned ‘75 Lancia Fulvia Monte Carlo currently up for grabs.

land (4 images)

The Land Rover decidedly triggers our desire for adventure: the “go anywhere” rides have stood the test of time both in performance and in aesthetic, and this particular brute has been hand-restored by Petrology to crispy perfection. It’s reliable, rugged and very cool.

But then we saw the Monte Carlo and suddenly felt the urge to commit. This is a one-of-a-kind number. It has never been restored — true story — and comes with full matching numbers.

In livery, polish and accents, she’s a special-edition homage commemorating Lancia’s victory at the ‘72 Monte Carlo Rally. Touted as “the Last Saint,” the ride is in immaculate condition. With a black leather interior and a 1.3 gas engine under the hood, it sure looks to be a miracle.

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