Some Dude Is Selling Officially Licensed Eleanors

Yes, the ones from <i>Gone in 60 Seconds</i>

August 25, 2016 9:00 am

She’s got movie star good looks, a body that leaves nothing to be desired and the heart of an angel.

Her name: Eleanor.

And for the first time ever, she will not be gone in 60 seconds.

Once the express domain of  a pair of mastermind Hollywood thieves (Toby Halicki’s Maindrain Pierce and Nicolas Cage’s Memphis Raines), Eleanor will soon be hitting the floor at Fusion Motors, an LA-based auto shop that just inked an exclusive licensing deal to build and sell replica Eleanor models.

The builds — which all utilize the original chassis of hand-selected ’67 and ’68 fastback Mustangs —  come with fuel-injected Roush engines packing 750 HP, six-speed transmissions, customized front suspensions and carbon-fiber replacements for the formerly fiberglass parts.

“Each Eleanor is custom built to evoke the emotions of the owner,” Fusion says. “Choose from a lavish list of options that will guarantee to command attention.” (Inquire here about said options.)

Okay, let’s ride.

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