“Sport Utility” Yacht Is Like Having Your Own Private Club Med

"What should we put on it?" "How bout a bunch more boats?"

August 29, 2016 9:00 am

As a landlubber you may not be aware of it, but a serious condition called SOYS (Stuck on Yacht Syndrome) has started to affect many members of the luxury boating community.

Sufferers of the condition, the poor bastards, tend to remain on their yachts instead of venturing out to sea on smaller vessels, meaning their entertainment is mainly limited to activities aboard.

One man, nautical engineer Aldo Manna, has set out to cure SOYS, one yacht at a time.

The creator and owner of the Sport Utility Yacht (SUY) concept, Manna is about to unveil the second model in his line of floating beach clubs, a 110-foot vessel called the OceaNemo 33.

Meant to accommodate all the boats, amenities and water-touring toys an owner could want, the OceaNemo 33 has enough space to hold a 23-foot owner tender, a 15-foot crew tender, a 19-foot sportfisherman, a 12-foot sailboat as well as an array of smaller watercraft and even a personal sub within its hangar and raised deck storage areas.

Also, there’s enough space for an inflatable water slide (and its carrying case), so there’s that.

Powered by a pair of 475-HP Caterpillar engines, the Oceanemo 33 has a top speed of 13 knots and can carry a maximum of five crew members and 10 guests — providing one of them has ponied up its $14.5 million purchase price.

The Oceanemo 33 will debut starting September 6th at the 2016 Cannes Yachting Festival but you can check out its predecessor, the larger and already-sold Oceanemo 44, below.

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