This Sleek, Lightweight E-Bike Never Needs a Charge

Nua’s new Electrica beautifully hides its infinite energy tech

Nua Electrica

Form follows function, which is fine for modernist architecture but terrible for electric bikes, which tend to be less aerodynamic and a lot heavier than your average two-wheeler. Also ugly.

Nua could very well change that philosophy with their new Nua Electrica. Admittedly, what the Barcelona-based custom bike company has done here is hide the “electric” part of the e-bike. On the surface, this is a sleek, minimalist 13kg titanium frame with a new type of electric motor called the Zehus Bike +. The 250W motor-and-battery combo replaces the rear hub; as well, the battery, controllers and sensors are integrated into the motor.

You can use the bike an accompanying app or on its own. Six power modes are available, and thanks to some clever algorithms and the use of regenerative braking technology — similar to tech found in Formula E racing — it’s possible to achieve unlimited range on your battery. In the self- charging mode, the bike charges itself when you brake or pedal on flat terrain and assists you during starts and climbs.

Nua Electrica

Otherwise, you’ll get about 18-19 miles of full power pedal-assist electric cycling.

Some other specs: The Nua features a Gates carbon belt drive a Sugino Pista alloy crankset, a Gilles Berthoud saddle and Brooks leather grips. And you can remove the rear wheel without lowering the tension of the belt drive.

The Electrica is available now for about $4500 — contact Nua for details.

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