2020 Ford Mustang High Performance Package
We're currently in the sixth generation of the iconic Ford Mustang, but the seventh seems to be coming soon.

Job Listing Suggests Next-Gen Ford Mustang Being Readied for 2022

Car scoops are now coming from LinkedIn

We’re not too far from witnessing a breakthrough in the Ford Mustang’s design and performance — about two years from that, in fact. According to Jalopnik, a LinkedIn job listing for the automaker in question suggests that the next-generation Mustang is on the way.

What’s arguably bigger news is that it is distinct from the announcement of the Mustang Mach-E late last year — which was, in and of itself, seismic news from Ford.

Here’s what we know, based on the Jalopnik report: the job listing was posted by Ford, and it made allusions to a car debuting in 2022 with a 2023 model year.

The listing claims job candidates are vying for a position on the company’s “proud team” to sign off on the “Ford 2023 Mustang S650,” suggesting “S650” may be the internal code for the next-gen muscle car.

The listing itself is still up, but now features a message that Ford is no longer accepting applications for the job.

Autoblog offers some additional analysis, including the fact that the current Mustang is the S550. The listing was posted roughly three weeks ago, and the position is based in Flat Rock, Michigan. What this new Mustang’s relationship is to the Mach-E, or to other potential Mustang vehicles, remains to be seen.

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