Airstream’s Roomy New Model Proves They’re Still King of the Open Road

The Globetrotter is your ticket to off-grid sophistication

The signature exterior of an Airstream has long been likened to an extraterrestrial vehicle and/or oversized baked potato, but as with all RVs, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And for all their boons, Airstreams can be a bit boxy and awkward once filled with a handful of adult human bodies. (They were also a bit slow in ditching the whole Betty-Draper’s-kitchen aesthetic, though that’s been amended.)

And that’s why we’re excited about their newest rig, the Globetrotter, which promises the handsomest, most spacious way to take your silver bullet off-grid yet, with more and better-used space on the inside.

Airstream (6 images)

The rig measures 27 feet tip to tip, with a handsome interior that can be either elm or walnut. And there are very few if any sharp angles, so you can sleep up to six people comfortably. Frankly, it looks more like a first-class cabin than a trailer.

And while the Globetrotter is among the more modern builds for the brand, it’s also a step closer to a greener vacation for the nomads: solar power, low-flow water fixture and 90% recycled materials went into the build.

Still looks like a baked potato though.

A really sexy one, of course.

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