Looking for a Luxury VW Bug Restomod? Milivié Has You Covered.

There will be 22 Milivié 1s made

Milivié 1
Milivié 1 is on the scene.

Oftentimes, the world of restomods involves a vintage luxury car altered in such a way to make it even more luxurious or high-tech. Recent high-profile restomods have transformed existing vehicles by the likes of Ferrari and Rolls-Royce — sometimes heightening their performance, at others turning them from internal combustion vehicles into electric ones.

The latest restomod on the map takes a slightly different approach. The cars at the heart of it? Vintage Volkswagen Beetles. The very limited edition Milivié 1 starts from an existing Bug and turns in into something that blends a classic design with modern technology. And there are only 22 of them in existence.

A new article at Autoblog has more details on the Milivié 1. As Autoblog’s Zac Palmer writes, only two parts of the original Bug 1303 remain in place — “a modified metal monocoque section of the body and modified floorboards.” If you think this resembles a Porsche a bit more than a VW, you’re not wrong — Palmer’s article points out that the designers were inspired by Porsche, and that the Milivié 1 shares a transmission with the Porsche 911 Carrera 2.

The company is currently taking reservations for this restomod, though it’ll cost a bit more than your standard VW Bug. These will sell for €570,000 — or, based on the current exchange rate, just under $600,000. Milivié estimates that the first one will be delivered next July, with the full run completed by May 2025.

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