Motorcycle Polo Is Real, Also Involves Beautiful Steeds

This is a 'motoball' bike. Hear it roar.

May 8, 2017 9:00 am

If soccer is the “Beautiful Game,” Motoball — aka motorcycle polo — is it’s wilder, more uninhibited little sister.

The sport was played for the first time in the French town of Dijon in 1929; it would later spread to England, the rest of France and the former Soviet Union. Essentially soccer on motorcycles — like the adapted 1936 Koehler-Escoffier 350cc Special you see below — Motoball is played on a regular soccer field by two teams of five players using a 15-inch-diameter ball that weighs about two pounds.

Moto (3 images)

The steed of choice for a number of French championship Motoball teams, the nine-HP Koehler-Escoffier was capable of hitting 50 MPH, though this particular model can likely go faster after being restored with upgrades like 19-inch wheels and parallelogram-style forks by Hero Motors.

And if you want a quick lesson in just what the hell it’s intended for, you can find a quick history lesson below.

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