Does This Mercedes Camper Remind You of Anything?

Hop on the magic school ... jeep?

September 15, 2017 9:00 am

Der Zauberschulbus.

That’s what children in Germany grew up calling what all of us here in the US of A referred to as “The Magic School Bus” when we were wearing short pants.

We’re thinking Cologne-based Orangework were part of the German faction of fans of Ms. Frizzle and the gang when they were young ‘uns as they’ve come up with a Mercedes-based camper design that looks all sorts of magic to us.

Magic Bus (5 images)

Modeled on a Mercedes-Benz G320, the Lennson 3C Camper is packing a 220-HP hp turbo V6 mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission under the hood. The all-wheel-drive ride is long (measuring in at 19 feet) and its interior aren’t short on comforts — boasts amenities like a kitchen, bathroom, lounge and sleeping area and plenty of storage space.

Powered by gas but also capable of drawing some energy from the sun thanks to a 280-watt solar system, the Lennson 3C is made for going on or off the beaten path for days at a time.

Those touches, plus about $300k, are all that separate the 3C from a regular Mercedes G320.

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