20 Delta ‘Futuristas’ Will Be Released to Honor Europe’s Coolest Fallen Hatchback

Long live the Lancia Delta, now in rally car form

September 11, 2018 9:00 am

Car lovers all have The One.

That one beatific build whose silhouette, handling and detailing were enough to turn you from fan to collector. For Italian race-car driver Eugenio Amos, that car was the Lancia Delta Integrale, a humble family hatchback.

From design to driving to manufacturing, this is a man who knows his industry. And his industry involves a lot of supercars. So to do something different and true to his passion, he developed a modern love song to the car that got him started.

A thoroughly updated vision of the Integrale, the Delta Futurista is an elevated, no-holds-barred version of the original, which was produced from 1979-1994 and then again from 2008-2014. But it was the Evo 1s and 2s (1991-1994) that have endured.

Lancia (5 images)

The updated version is a powerful little beast: the 330-hp car features re-engineered suspension and an integrated roll cage its predecessors lacked, along with a custom shade of green paint called Verde Brinzio that was developed with R-M the Code. (It’s a perfect color for this ride, in our estimation.) They also dropped two doors to give it a sportier profile.

This go round, 21 are being made, one for Amos and 20 for collectors. The newly released vision is the product of two years of hard work and research, and — to use the kind of language Amos employs when discussing cars — some good old-fashioned f*cking around.

The starting price is about $348K, but further customizations are available, the limit being mainly how deep your pockets are. As Amos told Jalopnik, “If I wanted to be rich, I wouldn’t have done this project … trust me.”

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