Lamborghini Family to Develop Line of Italian-Designed, India-Made Golf Carts

The electric carts will feature solar panels and be sold to airports, hotels and resorts

A line of green and tan golf carts sitting on a golf course in the early morning light
What will a Lamborghini-influenced golf cart look like?

The Lamborghini family — descendants of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the Italian sports car company with roots in the tractor business — will be getting into the golf cart market starting next year as part of a new venture with an Indian maker of electric vehicles.

Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions is teaming up with the Lamborghini family to tap into the $3 billion golf cart market in a bid to help recoup some of the revenue the Indian company lost during the pandemic, per Front Office Sports.

“The golf cart market is a $3 billion market, and it is mainly dominated by markets in North America, the Middle East and parts of Asia where there’s a lot of tourism,” Kinetic Green CEO Sulajja Firodia Motwani said in an interview with Bloomberg. “So, this project of ours, this particular arm of Kinetic Green, would be focused on the global markets.”

Designed in Italy and produced in India, the “beautifully differentiated golf carts” from Kinetic and Lamborghini will reportedly feature solar panels and be sold to airports, hotels and resorts. Unfortunately, the Lamborghini we’re talking about here is not the high-end automaker, but Tonino Lamborghini, the eponymous luxury goods company founded by Ferruccio’s son.

“There has not been a lot of product innovation over the last several decades in this space,” Motwani told Electric Vehicle Web in the fall of 2020. “We have an opportunity to introduce a product with a much-differentiated design. Our NEB [Neighborhood Electric Vehicle] is designed by Italian designers who have designed Lamborghini cars. Designs are already with us, the product is under development We will be making these differentiated products, which have high-end technologies like hydraulic brakes, advanced suspension, so it will be very comfortable and stylish vehicle. To be marketed around the world under the Lamborghini brand, so it will be positioned above the existing leaders in terms of brand imagery. It will be an aspirational brand, designed by Italian engineers yet at an Indian cost of manufacturing.”

Kinetic expects sales of the golf carts to start in 2022.

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