Kyocera Unveils Retro-Futuristic Autonomous Concept Car

The Moeye abounds with bold design and technological choices

The Moeye concept car
Kyocera's Moeye concept car.

Designing a concept vehicle is a complex art. Plenty of concept cars and trucks follow the general aesthetic of other vehicles from the same manufacturer, while others project a more streamlined look — answering a question along the lines of “where might this brand be in 10 years” with a bold flourish.

Some concept cars take a very different path; consider the more overtly science fictional concept designs that paved the way for the Cybertruck, for instance. Not to be outdone, electronics manufacturer Kyocera has also begun making forays into this world. Most recently, that’s led to the Moeye, which could me mistaken for a sleek coupe from the 1950s until you examine it more closely. That’s when you’d catch sight of the fact that it’s an autonomous electric vehicle, with nothing resembling a traditional dashboard and LED technology throughout its interior.

What that boils down to is the Moeye’s most distinctive design feature, except perhaps its sleek exterior: its dashboard touchscreen can turn completely transparent, allowing passengers an even fuller view of the road ahead of them. That particular feature came via a collaboration with Professor Masahiko Inami of the University of Tokyo’s Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, an expert in optical camouflage.

According to Kyocera’s statement on the car, its existence doesn’t mean the company is about to make a leap into the automotive sphere. Instead, this is about the development of “devices and technologies that contribute to enhanced safety and comfort in the era of automated driving and [Mobility as a Service].” It would be great to see this on the road in some capacity — it looks like a fascinating vehicle to travel in.

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