Jose Canseco Turned an Acura Into a Lamborghini. Now It’s For Sale.

A decidedly unique supercar

Jose Canseco
Jose Canseco of the Oakland Athletics bats against the Baltimore Orioles during a Major League Baseball game circa 1991 at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland.
Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Here’s a riddle for you: when is a Lamborghini Diablo GT not a Lamborghini Diablo GT? The answer, in this is case, is simple: when it’s actually a heavily modified Acura NSX. Head on over to eBay Motors and you’ll see a listing for what appears to be a sleek black Lamborghini with an asking price of $175,000. Take a closer look, however, and you might start to notice a couple of variations here and there.

As the seller explained in the listing, that’s no accident. The car is the work of an expert craftsman whose work has appeared on film — specifically, the Vaydor driven by Jared Leto in Suicide Squad. Impressed by his work, Jose Canseco went to him with an idea: to transform the Acura in question into what is, by all accounts, a replica of the aforementioned Lamborghini.

Canseco later sold it, and the seller who’s posted it on eBay is its third owner overall. “I am only selling this car because I am buying another Lamborghini and if I could keep two I would,” the owner wrote in the listing.

As Robb Report’s article on the modified Acura points out, these two models dovetail in relatively organic ways — including the location of their engines. It’s not the first instance of one car transformed into another, but it might well be the most eminently drivable of the bunch.

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