Harley’s New ‘Rod’ Looks … Nothing Like a Harley

The biggest name in American motos is going full Euro trash

March 13, 2017 9:00 am

When you think of Harley-Davidson, you probably picture a bearded, fringe-clad rider with Old Glory embossed somewhere on his person astride a touring bike so wide it requires a full-sized parking spot.

That’s what we all picture. Or, used to. Because the biggest name in American motorcycles has apparently taken note of the biking landscape (read: smaller) and decided they best be keeping up with the times.

This’ll do.

The new Street 750-based Street Rod is a clear indication that someone in the design department has been keeping an eye on the European market.

Street Rod (6 images)

Slim as it may be, it’s rocking a High Output Revolution X engine, swooped-up equipment and precision steering that packs a punch.

The look appeals to younger riders — as does the oomph. The 750 has fresh gas-flowed cylinder heads complete with maxed-out compression, zippy high-lift camshafts, a new exhaust and new throttle bodies assisted by a hefty air box. That means you’ll be saddling up to 18 percent more power and 8 percent more torque than the standard. And though full details are yet to be released, that likely means around 60 ponies and the capability to handle around 1,000 more RPM.

Between those tough drag bars and an accessible tag of about $8,699, aspiring cowboys can’t really go wrong.  

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