GM Announces Ambitious Plan for Electric and Hybrid Corvettes

We could see the hybrid in 2023, and Chevrolet gave us a sneak peek

The upcoming hybrid, electrified Corvette. Chevrolet and General Motors announced in April 2022 that the iconic sports car will go electric.
The Corvette, electrified.
Screenshot via Chevrolet on YouTube

Some automakers make announcements by touting the performance specs of a planned new model or an electric version of an existing car or truck. Sometimes, though, that isn’t really necessary. Take for instance Chevrolet, which just made a terse but significant announcement on social media about the electrification of one of its signature vehicles: the Corvette.

“An electrified #Corvette will be available as early as next year and a fully electric version to follow,” the company said on Twitter. Accompanying the announcement was video of a hybrid Corvette gliding across a frozen surface in the snow, with no other other details.

As Autoblog noted in their report on the announcement, General Motors President Mark Reuss also confirmed that the new hybrid version would have all-wheel drive. Other than that, details remain relatively sparse. Autoblog’s analysis of the announcement video suggests that the hybrid Corvette’s front wheels are powered by an electric motor, but notes that we don’t know much more than that.

The “as early as next year” part of the announcement gives GM plenty of wiggle room for a launch date. It might mean this could be a reality in less than a year, or it might mean that we’ll see this on the road right around the holiday season of 2023 — or even later.

Either way, it’s a big step forward for one of the most beloved cars in American automotive history.

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