The Feds Are Having a Fire Sale on Decommissioned Humvees

Prices start as low as $4,000. Translation: Dude, hurry.

September 16, 2016 9:00 am

The US federal government (bless their cold, calculated, bureaucratic hearts) get many, many, many decisions dead wrong.

But selling off the DOD’s excess supply of Humvees for pennies on the dollar isn’t one of them.

The Humvees — which cost the government more than $220,000 on average — have been “completely demilitarized,” come with no title, and are officially being sold for “off-road use only.” That’s obviously a big drawback, but the price (as low a $4,000 in some cases) is definitely right on point.

Hosted on GovPlanet, the federal fire sale has already resulted in almost 3,800 Humvees finding new homes. As of this writing, only about 230 of the decommissioned rides remained.

The next lot of Humvees will go up for sale on September 21, but fair warning, anything you buy you’ll have to go pick up yourself. So paying $7,000 for the HMMWV in Alaska might not be wise.

Nota bene: For some tips about how to make your new purchase street legal, check this out.

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