Ferrari Celebrates 70 Years With by ‘Transforming’ 125 S Into LaFerrari Aperta

March 15, 2017 5:00 am

Ferrari is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, and the luxury automaker has released a video honoring its roots—as well as its current dominance of the roads.

The anniversary of founder Enzo Ferrari’s 1947 test-drive of his 125 S model took place on March 12. The video (see below) would be mesmerizing enough based on the sound of that classic engine purring, as its driver takes it through the backcountry roads of Maranello, Italy. But at the video’s minute-mark, the classic auto transforms into Ferrari’s latest, the LaFerrari Aperta supercar, which all but screams upon acceleration.

According to Automobile magazine, Ferrari’s 70th birthday celebration will stretch all the way through Sept. 9, culminating with a special bash at the company’s headquarters in Maranello.

Watch the two Ferrari classics purr below.


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