No Roads? This Expandable Overlander Will Make One.

It's made in Oregon, so you know it can blaze a trail

By The Editors
May 12, 2017 9:00 am

Oregon’s reputation as a trailblazing state was hard won, as demonstrated by a video game about westward wagons and dying of dysentery.

It’s only fitting, then, that one of the world’s most badass overland vehicles hails from the Beaver State. They’re called EarthCruisers, and their new EXP line can fit into a shipping container in case you need to send it to Africa for a self-guided safari.

Covered wagons these are not. The EXP is loaded with luxuries, from a shower to a comfy queen-sized bed. And the solar panels on the roof can be positioned to follow the sun, ensuring a reliable amount of power to run the AC and stereo.

EarthCruiser EXP (6 images)

There’s also an 80-gallon water tank, but considering that the average person uses about 80 gallons a day, you probably shouldn’t flush the toilet often or take a long shower. Still, that’s a lot of water for a home that can, you know, transport itself on command.

The Bend, Oregon company built the vehicle on a Daimler chassis with a diesel engine. Those are measures with globetrotting in mind: diesel is more widely available throughout the world, and Daimler has a global network that makes it easier to service.

Bon voyage.

Nota bene: the EarthCruiser EXP will be on display at the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona on May 12th.

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