A Badass E-Bike That Looks the Part of a Cafe Racer

Swiss startup Düsenspeed wants to help you arrive in style

September 28, 2017 9:00 am

Look: throw a man in a statement tuxedo suit and he’ll make anything look cool. Like, say, an e-bike. It helps, however, that these e-bikes from Swiss startup Düsenspeed look just fine on their own. 

e-bike (4 images)

The Swiss makers recently rolled out three new models with prices varying depending on how much oomph you’re after. The first, Modell 1, is designed in homage to 1920s board track racers. Except in those days, two-wheeled anythings weren’t rolling with a carbon fiber frame, a 500 – 1,800 kWh battery pack and a motor.

The second model — you guess it, Modell 2 — takes its design cues from 60s-era cafe racers, clocking in with a top speed of about 100 MPH. Not too shabby considering my personal classic cafe racer tops out at around 80 on a good day.

Following up in the rear is the the Modell 3 with a 1,200 kWh battery. It’s meant to fill the desire of a more contemporary aesthetic. And with a range of about 93 miles, she should have no problem doing just that.

Head on over to Düsenspeed for more info. 

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