Here’s Your First Look at a Living, Breathing, Self-Driving Race Car

Roborace series has revealed its test model

August 24, 2016 9:00 am

Last year, we learned that the world would soon be hailing its first major sporting event contested exclusively by robots: Roborace, aka Formula E for autonomous cars.

Earlier this year, we saw the first concept art for that series.

Now, the folks at Roborace have finally released photos and footage of one of the four-wheeled, self-driving supercars that will compete. Its name is DevBot.

A prototype test model equipped with the same hardware (drivetrain, sensors, communication technology) that will be used on the actual Robocars, DevBot is meant to serve as a platform for Roborace teams to develop the software they’ll use during competitions.

The smart electric car can be controlled remotely and operate without a driver — as it will at the Roboraces — but its cabin does have space and the instruments to accommodate a human.

The DevBot makes its public debut today at the Formula E test races at Donington Park, England, and the actual Robocar from designer Daniel Simon is set to be revealed later this year.

Based on how good the DevBot looks in its teaser video, we can’t wait to see what Simon’s got.

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