Dendrobium Electric Supercar Gets Its Big Curtain Call

April 8, 2017 5:00 am

Singapore just gave car enthusiasts another reason to get revved up.

At last month’s Geneva Motor Show, Vanda Electrics unveiled its premiere electric supercar, the Dendrobium, named after a Singaporean orchid.

According to New Atlas, the white-on-black Dendrobium features a carbon monocoque frame, with a standout red leather driver’s seat. As its roof tilts back, the supercar’s suicide doors open up and back. The dashboard electronics looks like a video game, with interlocking, hexagonal features.

Those features whiz by when the car gets up to full speed: It gets up to just shy of 200 mph and goes 0-60 in a respectable 2.7 seconds.

As New Atlas notes, no information has been released as of yet on the range of the Dendrobium, its battery life, and power. But we’re sold on the looks alone.

Check it out below. At the bottom, take a closer look, courtesy of Drivetribe.


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