Holy S*** It’s a Helicopter Submarine

Cost: $1.5M. Fun factor: Priceless.

By The Editors
September 5, 2015 9:00 am

Years before he supplied Richard Branson with his own personal submarine, DeepFlight founder Graham Hawkes was a Bond-approved underwater villain.

One of the mechanical engineers on For Your Eyes Only, Hawkes was so handy behind the wheel of the set’s submersible that producers gave him a stunt-double credit as “Mantis Man,” under which moniker he chased Roger Moore around the Ionian Sea.

Now, he’s behind the launch of the DeepFlight Dragon, a personal submarine propelled by zero-emission, helicopter-like “vertical thrust engines.” Running on a lithium battery pack, the 16.4-foot Dragon can dive to 400 feet and motor along for up to six hours on a single charge. Lose power? You’ll just float to the surface. 

Check out this GoPro video of Hawkes diving alongside humpback whales in Hawaii to get a feel for the ride.

Magic never came so cheap.

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