For Once, We Are Not Going to Need a Bigger Boat

De Antonio’s “mini” yacht packs some serious punch, amenities

June 3, 2016 9:00 am

When choosing between a hardtop and soft-top convertible, there is no wrong answer. But it’s still a difficult one (unless you live somewhere hail-prone, in which case you’re asking the wrong question altogether).

Thanks to a fresh line of mini yachts, aspiring boat owners now face a similar win-win situation.

The D33 from De Antonio Yachts is a 31-foot vessel that comes in two version: open or carbon-fiber hardtop cruiser.

The problems don’t end there, as customers also have to choose between going with a pair of “hidden” 200, 250, 300 or 350 HP motors, as well as additional customization options like interior A/C, exterior deck additions or a custom paint job.

But those who choose to go with the standard model won’t be disappointed, as the brass tacks version of the boat comes with a teak deck, retractable tables, a complete kitchen and bathroom, two bedrooms, an anchor hooked to an electric winch for docking and LEDs throughout.

With enough room for 10 and a 550-liter gas tank, the D33’s got the space and fuel capacity to be on the water for days, and was designed with enjoyment, peace and quiet in mind. The D33’s “two hidden outboard engines maintain the streamlined aesthetic while providing a pleasant and silent ride that doesn’t interfere with performance,” according to the designers.

And once you’re done deciding between open and hardtop, you can move on to the equally arduous question of which yacht toys to keep on board.

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