Somewhere Underneath All This Is a BMW Scooter

If you give an origamist a motorcycle ...

August 28, 2017 9:00 am

Upon seeing this customized BMW C Evolution, it’s easy to forget a couple things about the bike:

First, the C Evolution is electric and, somehow, it’s still a scooter.

Brought into existence by Rolf Reick of Krautmotors in Germany, this BMW-sanctioned build’s exposed section shows off its electric powertrain, which is a detail easily overshadowed by that futuristic front end. The sculptural side of the ride can slide and stretches all the way back past the bike’s handlebars.

Christened “E-LisaBad” after Reick’s grandmother, the inspiration for the build comes from the designer’s desire to invoke a “retro science fiction” feel and honor Star Trek, Bike EXIF reported.

Forty kilograms lighter than the original, the E-LisaBad was hand drawn with paper and pen, a process that led to the elimination of its shock absorbers and the addition of stub handlebars.

Bmw Concept (6 images)

Dark and raw, this version of the C Evolution — which normally can do 0 to 30 in 2.8 seconds, range for 99 miles on a single charge and tops out at 80 MPH — shows off Reick’s tendency to display “the road less traveled” with his builds.

“It’s about taking away people’s reservations about electric vehicles,” he said. “I’m showing them what they already know: an exterior with an old-school look, but built around new technology.”

Prost to that.

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