The First Build From Curtiss Motorcycles Is Heavy Metal on Two Wheels

Confederate Motors lost their name. But their magic is intact.

March 2, 2018 9:00 am

When your singularly glorious and genre-bending motorcycle company is named for the perpetrators of the single most inglorious and treasonous act in American history, you should probably change the name of your motorcycle company.

Which is exactly what Confederate Motorcycles did last year, announcing they would relaunch under a new moniker, Curtiss, in 2018.

The rebrand pays tribute to American motorcycling and aviation legend Glenn Curtiss, and now we’ve got a glimpse at the first bike named in his honor: the 150hp, V-Twin Warhawk, of which just 35 editions will be made. The heavy-metal bike sports the same kind of exquisitely machined monocoque aluminum frame that Confederate was long known for, along with a five-speed manual transmission and a chassis that’s “as solid as a bank vault,” according to CEO Matt Chambers.

Also of note: it will be the final gas-powered bike that Curtiss makes, with future models going the electric route.

Price tag? A cool $105,000. Better start turning over those couch cushions.

Curtiss Motorcycles Warhawk (2 images)

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