Life Looks Better From the Cockpit of a Land Rover Convertible

It's called Brown. And it can do a lot for you.

December 19, 2017 9:00 am

When we asked Cool & Vintage co-founder Ricardo Pessoa how his company picks the models they choose to work with, his response was clear and concise:

“We just imagine what we want next and we build it.”

In the case of this new Land Rover Defender build — codename “Brown” — it seems they wanted versatility. Using a 2011 model as a base, Cool & Vintage’s team of restoration experts set about building a maroon-and-tan Defender that’d run great on the beach, in the desert or on safari.

Landrover (7 images)

Unfortunately, the build’s wide-open style wouldn’t make it much use in colder climates, but, given the overall warming of the planet, that might not be an issue. (Not a threat though, FYI.) In terms of specs, Cool & Vintage hasn’t released much. That said, the photos above are more than worth their 1,000 words.

If they’ve convinced you to convert from an ogler to a buyer, contact C&V about that topic here.

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