This Concept Vehicle Is a Car, Boat and Submarine In One

Forget autonomous and say hello to amphibious

August 15, 2016 9:00 am

Why buy a boat and a car when you could have both?

Charles Bombardier, mechanical engineer and the man behind Imaginactive, a blog containing over 200 of his futuristic ideas, wants to kill two birds with one concept.

His newest: the Libelule, a spherical vehicle equipped with two large wheels for rolling just about anywhere.

By land, it’s your rover. And by water, it’s a paddle boat with wheels that scoop and propel faster than present day amphibious vessels. If you want to go full Bond and take a dive, you’ll simply just select the desired depth on a waterproof touch screen. This activates water pumps to fill the cabin with water, acting as a ballast, so you’ll also need to reup on your scuba gear. 

Bombardier notes that he designed the wheels to traverse the ocean floor, while the aquatic data displayed on the touch screen will include speed, battery range, depth, oxygen levels and more.

Sure, the concept is far-fetched, but this is the kind of mad genius idea that keeps developers on their toes.

Er, or should we say fins?


Image: Adolfo Esquivel

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