Citroën’s Throwback Conversion Kit Is an Adventurer’s Dream

You could solve a whole bunch of mysteries in this thing

August 17, 2018 9:00 am

Citroën may have recently turned 70, but don’t expect them to stop playing the hits any time soon.

All signs point to retirement years wearing very well on the French marque, who just announced the specs for a new concept iteration of their iconic Type H van to be shown at this year’s Dusseldorf Caravan Salon, the world’s largest trade show for motorhomes and caravans (it begins August 23rd).

This thing hasn’t been sitting in someone’s barn under a dropcloth for decades (Type Hs were discontinued in 1981); it only looks vintage. It’s actually a conversion kit called the WildCamp to be built over, and inside of, one of the following: the Citroën Jumper/Relay series X250, Peugeot Boxer or a new or used Fiat Ducato.

The Caravan Salon isn’t until next week, but it’s possible to buy the kit already, which includes panels, optical units, electrical wiring, painted accessories, fixing component, documents for registration in EU, mounting and standard painting included.

“Won’t this added weight slow down my adventuremobile,” you ask? Most definitely, but that’s all the more time for spectators to stare in awe and envy.

Citroen Type H (6 images)

As for whether it’s really worth the $26K on top of the expense of your vehicle itself? Treehugger asked the same question, wondering whether some elbow grease and sustainably harvested bamboo couldn’t go a long way towards an equal or better #VanLife dream. But the upsides, as they see them: these rides are already street legal, and the spatial designers at Possl (who Citroën worked with on the interior) “have small space living figured out down to the last nut and bolt.” In other words, you could forseeably spend a lot more money trying to perfect something yourself, and still end up with a less perfect outcome.

Said interior fits two adults — not Winnebago room, mind you, but they’ve done an impressive job of fitting the necessities of life into the small space. It’s equipped with a full bathroom and shower, which is more than even many high-end tiny homes can boast, though you may or may not be sharing floorspace with the kitchen and shower at the same time (you are).

According to the Citroën site, 70 conversion kits will be made, but New Atlas indicates news that a limited number of turnkey, production versions could be in the works, though their status is TBD for now.

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