We’d Be Okay With a Van Revival If It Looked Like This

A famous European van from the '60s comes back to life

By The Editors
April 4, 2017 9:00 am

Wither the humble van?

Did we get too cool? Did people stop roadtripping with seven of their friends? Or get tired helping those friends move?

Let’s hope not. Because Italian auto designers Flaminio Bertoni and Fabrizio Caselani have unveiled a reinvention of the iconic Citroën HY model van, and it looks just as killer as it did 70 years ago, but better. 

The best part? It’s a car kit — so essentially you’re looking at fiberglass panels built atop a Citroën Relay. 

van (6 images)

An homage to the original, the kit was developed on the Citroën jumper chassis, but is not meant to be a copy of the true original. Should you be able to Ikea this thing together, which would require being in Italy where it is exclusively sold, you would get an interpretation of the bygone HY. The designer’s intention was to “capture the soul” of the ride, while stabilizing it in contemporary style.

A limited series of 70 makes will be available.

Sure, it’s not the exact road-going box it was before, but it certainly does ‘er justice.

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