No SUV *Needs* Gull Wings and Holograms — But This One’s Got ‘Em

Remember when the only electric car we had was a Prius?

August 8, 2016 9:00 am

Not long ago, we lamented the fact that every single luxury SUV drop over the last decade or so has looked exactly the damn same as all the other ones.

Apparently someone out there heard our plea.

That someone: Chinese automaker Chery International, who just introduced an all-electric concept called the FV2030 (or Future Vision 2030). The cars weds the body of an SUV with the underbelly of a sports car, it has gull wings, and it seriously needs to get to market.

Resembling a crimson spaceship on wheels, the FV2030’s unique exterior features “personalized lighting” that turns green when the electricity level is sufficient and red when it drops. To make it more environmentally friendly, the car’s wheel hubs create energy as they go.

The interior has an integrated LED infotainment console with touchscreen capabilities, a detachable wireless sound box and collapsible seats that fold for more room.

And according to the company, the steering wheel can double as a gamepad so the driver can have fun while the car is operating in autonomous mode. Oh yeah, it also plays holograms on a cutting-edge interior display.

Friggin’ holograms.

Is is 2030 yet?

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