Napping Goes Mobile

Casper is bringing the Napmobile to a city near you

By The Editors
September 17, 2015 9:00 am

Benefits of the midday power nap: Improved memory. Heightened creativity. A more manageable day.

Not to mention you’re napping, and napping is awesome.

And if it’s napping you seek, look no further than Casper, the mattress startup changing the sleep game one happy contour at a time (read our past coverage here) and — as of this week — bringing Zzzs to the people on a nationwide Nap Tour.

Casper is currently traversing the country with a trailer outfitted with four sleeping pods, complete with privacy screens and a red phone that, when picked up, tells you bedtime stories.


The Nap Tour hits seven cities, and is a good opportunity to try out the mattresses in the flesh.

Hit the website for more details.

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