Twitter Is Being Mean to BMW’s New 7-Seat SUV

The first pics leaked this week. Then came the trolls.

September 8, 2017 9:00 am

It’s no secret that BMW has been planning to unleash a seven-seat crossover called the X7 on the SUV market for a while, but we weren’t expecting to see it until the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Naturally, the paparazzi managed to get their lenses on it before then.

Thanks to BMW forum Bimmerpost, we now have our first glimpse at what the X7 will look like and, while many people have ripped it (as you’ll see below), we know at least one individual who’ll be into it: your kid’s orthodontist.

With a tall kidney grille flanked on either side by a pair of narrow headlights, the front of the SUV looks vaguely like a pair of buck teeth in need of braces. As for the rest of the vehicle? The images give the impression that it is likely a plug-in hybrid with odd-looking door handles and a high-end interior complete with a touchscreen.

Those are just guesses, but here are the rest of the images so you can decide for yourself:

BMW X7 (4 images)

… and here’s what the people of the interet had to say about the leaked pictures.

(Bear in mind, these are only the troll jobs that are written in English. There are plenty more from parts farther afoot.)

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