The ‘Gotham Project’ Is a 150-Foot Batcave for the High Seas

Real subtle with the yacht there, Mr. Wayne

September 1, 2017 9:00 am

There is nothing subtle about the aptly named Gotham Project. A wolf in wolf’s clothing, the Dutch-made superyacht comes in white or black (you want the black, for obvious reasons), measures 150 feet stern-to-bow and tops out at 25 knots, with capacity for you and up to nine of your best mates.

And if it wasn’t clear from the photo, the protruding walls along the stern and bat-like split-level up top are all deliberately allusive to a certain Caped Crusader — hence the name of the boat.

If you have a soft spot for comic books and nautical adventures, look no further than this hoss. And it’s luxurious, too, with a reinforced glass wine cellar that can handle the high seas and a gymnasium to keep you feeling chipper. Wood decks and a hot tub in the bow tie it all together.

It’s being made as part of a joint venture between Bristow-Holmes and Icon Yachts, and will available in 2019.

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