In the Netherlands, a Collection of 230 Classic Cars Will Soon Be Auctioned

Is this a barn find among barn finds?

Barn find
Sometimes, classic cars turn up in a barn.
Gallery Aaldering

If you’re ever near the city of Dordrecht, located in the western Netherlands, and you see an innocuous-looking building, you might want to take a peek inside. (Though you should also ask first. That’s just good manners.) If the origin story of an upcoming automotive auction is any indication, there might just be a legion of classic cars stored inside. And now, 230 cars that once resided inside of a trio of unexpected buildings, including a church, are heading to auction — which should make a lot of vintage car collectors very, very happy.

An article at Jalopnik has more details. Turns out the cars were once owned by a man known as Mr. Palmen, who had a penchant for storing them in out-of-the-way places. At a certain point, circumstances dictated that he was unable to keep the collection any longer, which has led to the upcoming auction of what’s become known as the Palmen Barnfind Collection. (Which, now that we think about it, would also be an excellent band name.)

Gallery Aaldering is handling the auction, and has published more details on what buyers can expect. This includes details on some of the automakers represented, including “Maserati, Lancia, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Aston Martin, BMW, Facel Vega and so much more.” The listing also mentions that a Mercedes-Benz 300S Roadster and an Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ are also in the mix.

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The online auction is set to begin on May 19, with end dates scheduled for June 5, June 6 and June 7. Viewing days are scheduled for May 27, May 28 and May 29, and a video offers a glimpse of how some of these cars looked until recently. Could your next ride be in there?

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