An Entire Fleet of Classic Roadsters Is Coming Back from the Dead

They don't make 'em like this anymore? Au contraire ...

January 30, 2017 9:00 am

Eleven seconds.

For a 0-60 time, that’s about as impressive as the 2017 Pro Bowl ratings.

But the Alvis Car Company had its vehicles clocking 11 seconds before World War II. Back then: very impressive. Now, more than 50 years after they first stopped making cars, the marque is back with a line of continuation models that replicate the supercars that Alvis rode to prominence in decades past.

Built using original works drawings, the made-to-order “Continuation Series” models will feature new hardware designed to match past specs but will have modern tech to meet emissions rules.

Here’s a look at four of ‘em:

The Graber
With an all-aluminum body housing a three-liter engine mated to a five-speed transmission, the four-seat Graber provides safety, slick handling and flexible performance in a stylish package.

The Bertelli
The interior of the two-door coupe is flashy — walnut veneered wood and custom leather — but the real pop comes from the car’s six-cylinder engine and its 110 MPH top speed (1939 specs).  

The Lancefield
A convertible model with a concealed roof, the Lancefield was specially designed for the 1938 London Motor show and the new version (110 top speed) looks and moves just like the original.

The Powys-Lybbe Special
Named for amateur racer Antony Powys-Lybbe, this special build is based on a Beetleback model Alvis rolled out in 1931. Lighter and narrower than the original, the P-L can hit 90 MPH.

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