A Japanese Startup Is Selling a Deluxe Hoverbike for $770K

The first edition of the XTurismo will be limited to 200 units

XTurismo Limited Edition, a new hoverbike from Japanese startup A.L.I. Technologies
The XTurismo Limited Edition.
A.L.I. Technologies

Have you ever looked at a Jet Ski and thought, “God, I wish I could fly around on one of these?” Admittedly, the pop-culture cachet of personal hovercraft is high, from Return of the Jedi to that episode of The Simpsons where Marge convinces her children that hoverbikes are real.

Once again, however, science fiction is trying to move into the realm of science fact. As Robb Report writes, Japanese startup A.L.I. Technologies recently announced the launch of the XTurismo Limited Edition, a gas-powered personal hovercraft that’s scheduled to go into production. The company has supplied some renderings of what this vehicle might look like in action, but real-world video published by Inside Edition shows that smooth, fast, easy flying is still a ways away.

The XTurismo Limited Edition weighs just over 660 pounds and can carry a maximum weight of 220 pounds. As Robb Report’s article notes, the engine used for the vehicle is a Kawasaki motor initially designed for competitive motorcycle racing. Its maximum speed, according to the specifications, is just shy of 50 miles per hour.

For now, manufacturer A.L.I. Technologies is making 200, which reportedly have a price of $770,000 and will be limited to use on racetracks. For people intrigued by the prospect of a version of this designed for recreation as opposed to racing, the article mentions that A.L.I. Technologies is working on a consumer version slated for release in the years to come.

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