They Found Her in a Kentucky Tobacco Barn

After 5 years' restoration, this Triumph TR4 is good as new

August 7, 2017 9:00 am

One man’s trash, as they say.

Because this treasure was unearthed from a Kentucky tobacco barn after sitting neglected for forty years.

And the integrity of its restoration is enough to stop any red-blooded car man in his tracks.

Did we mention this beautiy is for sale?

The quintessential British roadster was restored over five years by Danny Morton of Sterling British Motor Society to factory-fresh superiority — maybe even better.

Triumph TR4 (6 images)

It retains many of its original parts with a 4-speed transmission and reworked engine. But Morton managed to expertly preserve the pure spirit of the ride, letting its continental flair shine through.

The all-black-everything is deftly contrasted with the red leather clamshell seats and their black piping. The details that got us, through, were the black wire wheels and replica chrome hubs, the immaculate walnut dash and the French badges on the hood and grill.

The Triumph emits a nostalgic authenticity. It’s the British invasion in motion.

And for $39,995, some lucky bloke is going to be living that hipster dream.

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