Vehicles | September 17, 2018 9:00 am

The Best Camper-Van Outfit in the Game Drops Its Sportiest Model Yet

No Volkswagen nor van has ever looked better

By The Editors

Sydney-based camper-van concern Trakka has almost 50 years of experience in the adventure-vehicle industry. Their rigs are — in a word — perfect, right down to the swiveling chairs. There are no accidental details here, and damn near no overlooked potential, either.

That’s why they’re turning heads with the announcement of the Trakkadu, the first in a new sporting range from the adventuremobile vets. As expected, it’s a stunner.

The seven-speed automatic can handle wilderness conditions and bad weather, but ideally you’re headed somewhere where the ceiling can pop up and the solar panels can recharge. Even the LCD Mission Control center is smart as a whip, managing everything from tank levels and temperature to the rest of the van’s systems at the touch of a few buttons. The amenities are top of the line, and the kitchen has a diesel range, not gas, so you’ll have no open-glames-near-large-gas-tanks situations to sweat.

Trakka Camper Can (5 images)

They have a healthy inventory listed on site with availability dates. Most are Volkswagen T6s like the Turmeric Yellow beaut we’re looking at today, but there are two Fiat conversions (not the Trakkadu model) as well. Price tags hover around 100-$140K.

To see them up close and personal or schedule a test drive, you’ll have to hightail it Down Under to make the Sydney Camping Lifestyle Expo, kicking off this week.

All images via Trakka