Vehicles | October 25, 2016 9:00 am

Rod Stewart’s Lamborghini Miura Is Hittin’ the Auction Block

If you think it’s sexy and you want its body, let us know

As if a ’71 Lamborghini P400 S didn’t have enough draw by its lonesome, this one comes with pedigree.

Namely, a Sir-Rod-Stewart-used-to-drive-it pedigree.

First produced in ’65, many consider this model to be the very first supercar. And even measured against today’s standards, it remains forever young.

After a couple years in the rock legend’s care, the Miura passed through a few hands in the ’80s and came out the other side upgraded to a Miura SV with modified brakes, suspension and bodywork. And this October 29th, the exotic Italian ride, complete with some minor technical overhauls, will be up for grabs at the Coys’s Classic and Sport Car Show in London. It’s estimated to fetch approximately $1m.

Sometimes, only one guy has all the luck.

via Motor Authority