Vehicles | January 3, 2017 9:00 am

Someone Made a Fully Functional Flintstones Motorcycle

Yes, that's 780 pounds of volcanic stone. RIP gas budget.

Since being established in 2012, the only rules for entries into German moto magazine Custombike’s “Build da Fukker” contest is they must be produced for less than €5,000, they must be mobile, and, as the name of the contest suggests, they must be bad motherf*kkers.

Given those requirements, we can certainly see why the folks over at CB picked Chris Zernia’s custom Honda — an ‘82 CX500 he outfitted with bodywork culled from actual stone — as a finalist.

Crafted from a 990-pound chunk of basalt mined from the Eifel Mountains in Western Germany, the frame of Zernia’s classic CX500 has been reinforced with four-millimeter steel tubing to handle the extra weight.

Outfitted with a hollow stone fuel tank, intricately carved rear end with space for an LED taillight and souped-up shocks and suspension, the bike now weighs in at around 780 pounds. Since it runs so well, Zernia may attempt to break the world record for the fastest bike made of stone. (We couldn’t find that, but according to Guinness, the world’s fastest motorcycle topped out at 376 MPH.)

Rock on, Mr. Zernia, rock on.

Image credit: Motor Rausch