Vehicles | August 27, 2014 9:00 am

Deep Boat

By The Editors

On the one hand: helicopters.

On the other hand: submarines.

Put them together, Transformers-like, and you have the DeepFlight Dragon, a “helicopter submarine,” now taking preorders.

For several years, DeepFlight has been to the 1% what Q was to James Bond.

They provided personal subs for the likes of Richard Branson and Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz.

Their brand new model, the Dragon, launched this week. And it’s a beaut, about half the size of any other comparable personal sub (including last year’s DeepFlight Falcon).

If you were concerned, it’s light enough to launch from most big yachts or your local marina.

And they’ll deliver one “anywhere in the world,” says our rep.

So take one out. Dive to 400 feet. Or, actually, “fly”: the Dragon works more like an underwater helicopter, utilizing four vertical thrust engines (zero emissions) to descend and hover through the water.

Bonus: the in-sub Dive Manager does the majority of the maneuvering.

Order now and you’ll get one in time for next summer — and land a $300k discount.

Or head to Fiji’s Laucala Island Resort: DeepFlight has a personal sub there for day use, available now.

No reason your finances have to go underwater, too.