Vehicles | January 3, 2017 9:00 am

Chrysler’s ‘Portal’ Concept Is a High School Lunch Table on Wheels

‘Integrated selfie cameras’ included. Sigh.

If we learned anything about autonomous vehicles last year, it’s that we’re not ready for autonomous vehicles.

And once we are, we’ll probably just want to play chess, snack and nap in them.

Chrysler apparently got the memo, because they’re dropping the curtains on this number at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas later this week:

The Portal Concept is for all practical purposes more mobile room than it is vehicle. And why not? If you’re not driving, best have some space to get things done. The boxy, minivan-esque ride is proposed to have a 250-mile range — great — with sliding doors that open like an elevator to accommodate all that interior capacity.

Chrysler’s PR is touting the Portal as a “third space”: the home being the first and the office being the second. Verbatim, they’re calling it “next generation family transportation designed by millennials for millennials.” Translation: it’s integrated with selfie cameras.

But it also boasts less bilious features, like facial and voice-recognition tech for customizing internal settings. Plus, the Portal features a zone-specific audio system, which means no more fighting with your companion over the stereo. Bells and whistles aside, the concept addresses the problem with autonomous cars in a newfound light. If we don’t want to drive, we might as well equip our cars for other activities — however eyeroll-inducing said activities might be.