Be the Guy Who Tells Stories About Going on the First Ritz-Carlton Cruise

When is a cruise not a cruise? 

When it’s more like a traveling five-star hotel shuttling between attractive port cities. 

OK — we know that’s a fine distinction. But cruises get a bad rap: Most people envision crowded Caribbean mega-ships with wave machines and water slides — something for families, or college kids on spring break, but not for discerning travelers who have their pick of global destinations. 

That’s been changing over the last few years, as high-end hoteliers branch out into super-tricked-out tour services — like Four Seasons’ private jet tours. In another corner, the year-long cruises of basically the entire world

Coming up the middle? Ritz-Carlton’s new offering: the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection with three new cruise ships, which will soon (read: 2019) be plying the waters of New England, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. 

ritz carlton cruise (8 images)

Booking doesn’t open until 2018, but you might want to keep this one on your to-do list. There are only 149 suites (max occupancy: two), with two duplex penthouse suites. Eating spaces will be open throughout the day, so guests are free to eat when they like, not at set times. The rest of the details are to come — including specific ports, guests, and excursions — but the accomodations themselves speak volume for the caliber of experience on offer.