The Motherloving Iguazú Falls Now Have Private Villas for Rent

Waterfalls never cease to amaze.

And Iguazú Falls — which lies at the border of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina — might be the best of the bunch. If not because it’s the world’s largest waterfall system, then for its lore: The Guaraní people attributed the massive cascades to a jealous deity whose chosen bride fled down the river with her mortal lover. The deity is alleged to have cut the river off and cursed the lovers to a reverse-Sisyphean eternity of falling.

The best way to experience all this? Awasi Iguazú, a new boutique resort located on the Argentinian side.

awasi iguazu (8 images)

The resort comprises 13 villas along with one master villa. The elegant wooden structures are set on stilts to minimize environmental impact, and each one equips a private plunge pool and outdoor shower.

Guests are also assigned a private tour guide and vehicle, making for a truly boutique experience that provides ecological insights, history lessons and easy access to the Falls themselves.

Awasi opens later this year, but you can reserve a spot now.