Style | June 22, 2016 9:00 am

The Range: Lightweight Summer Pants

Beat the heat. Stay cool. Still dress like an adult.

Because every man loves options, and some of us need those options laid out in front of us with a variety of styles and price points, we give you The Range: a meditation on one garment every man should own, served up seven ways.

In the scruffiest of the dog days, shorts are your first line of defense against overheating. But a man cannot live on shorts alone. And yet, there are days when even your lightest weight denim will have you pooling at the knee-backs — and for those days, you’re gonna want something a little more practical.

As in: pants made for hot weather. Built to wick away moisture and stink. Cut from fabrics that breathe and move. Below, you’ll find seven options across a range of styles and price points that do just that.

Uniqlo Dry Stretch Pants $40 | Bonobos Summerweight Chinos $98 | Dish & Du/Er No Sweat Jogger $109 | Zanerobe Box Chino $130 | Outerknown Touring Pant $175 | Rogue Territory Safari Ripstop Trouser $185 | Reiss Geronimo T $220