Style | August 15, 2014 9:00 am


By The Editors

Sleeping bags.

First thoughts?

Protective. Cozy. Really, really fun to share.

And now, not just for camping.

Meet Rumpl, the rugged-yet-ultra-comfy blanket for all occasions, inside or out. Available starting now.

First off, this ain’t no motherlovin’ Snuggie. The Rumpl was created by an avid outdoorsman, who, by the light of a “roaring fire and a bottle of whiskey,” decided to make a blanket that had all the merits of a puffy jacket or a sleeping bag.

Warm. Water-resistant. Insanely comfortable.

Big enough for two, if you want.

So, after a funded-in-12-hours Kickstarter campaign, Rumpl’s just launched their own e-commerce store.

Built from a very lightweight 20D ripstop nylon shell and stuffed with a synthetic down, Rumpl comes in manly shades like deepwater, charcoal and iron.

You can bring them camping. You can use ‘em on the couch.

And, in either case, you can buy the king size and have some fun.

See? Good for all occasions.