Style | November 28, 2016 9:00 am

These Bags Are Straight Out of a Wes Anderson Flick

In the best way possible.

Your luggage is under assault from the elements.

The grungy taxi trunk. The sticky security conveyor belt. The who-knows-what’s-been-in-there overhead bins. And that’s even before you touch down in a foreign land.

Which is why it can be hard to justify luxury luggage.

But then we saw Paravel.

The company’s new line of bags takes high-end Italian materials, treats them to withstand wear and tear, then sells them for a price you can afford right now.

Launched this November, Paravel comes from Andy Krantz and Vogue alum Indré Rockefeller. As former coworkers at Madrid high fashion brand Delpozo, they know all about the class and cost of luxury goods. The latter they could do without, so they produced a wide range of bags — from suitcase to shoulder to clutch — that are all priced under $350.

The classic leather-accented design and four unique colorways (Scout, Mallard, Jetty and Bebop) remind us of a Wes Anderson film, but the magic of the bags only reveals itself after a couple excursions.

The treated canvas is waterproof, spill-proof and stain-proof. So no matter which one you dub your new travel companion, you can worry less about your luggage and more about catching your flight.

That said, we’ve got a couple favorites.

The Grand Tour
You sure as hell can’t blame us for picking the most expensive piece they’ve got, because despite this being the handsomest duffel we’ve laid eyes on lately, it’s yours for $345. And while the name certainly evokes a trip to some far off land, don’t worry, it works just as well on your holiday vacay to middle America.

The Stowaway
While other brands come up with fanciful names that have little to do with your new suitcase, as far as we can tell, Paravel treats us all like adults. This bag has a collapsible interior architecture that allows it to flatten for stowing away, either in your closet or inside your Grand Tour duffel (in case you come back from your grand tour with a few extra bottles of something special).

Go ahead, get yourself something nice (without depleting your holiday budget).