Style | November 6, 2019 11:30 am

Deal: Get Three Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs for $15

They're the Chuck Taylors of underwear

Calvin Klein Boxers

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Calvin Klein made our recent round-up of the best men’s underwear as a great bulk-buy. You can roll over to Nordstrom Rack in a pinch and generally pick up three Calvin Klein boxer briefs for $20 or less. They’re the Chuck Taylors of underwear, as iconic as it gets down there, and more than comfy enough to bridge you to laundry day, if not on the level of a Mack Weldon or Tommy John.

Right now, the deal on them is even crazier than usual. Bring home three pairs (each a different color) for just $15. Might as well buy two or three packs, and not have to worry about underwear again.