Style | June 2, 2015 9:00 am

How a Handsome Man Beats the Rain

Inspired by The Cure, no less.

By The Editors

Today in things falling from the sky:

Air conditioners.

But also: rain.

Insulating you from the latter, and handsomely: Beckett Simonon’s 100% waterproof Perfect Bomber Jacket, now available for preorder.

We’re big fans of Beckett Simonon. A Colombian cordwainer of premium leather wares, these guys intriguingly draw their inspiration from Samuel Beckett and The Clash. All at around 50% off normal retail pricing (also inspiring).

Crafting a waterproof suede jacket had its own inspiration.

“Two years ago The Cure did a show in Bogotá,” says Beckett co-founder Andres Niño. “I was wearing a beautiful suede jacket I had inherited from my grandfather. Everything was perfect until just before they started singing ‘The Walk.’ It started to rain and my jacket was ruined.”

And that’s because suede isn’t your preferred wear for inclement weather.

But with this bomber, the delicate calf suede’s enveloped with an eco-friendly, nano-polymer coating, making it impervious to sudden showers.

The jacket’s also light, sports a flattering fit and features nice touches like soft ribbed wool accents, a never-stuck two-way zipper and a breathable cotton-linen lining.

And it’s only $275 until June 10th.

Bad news: It won’t ship ‘til August.

No reason to go outdoors until then, right?


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